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About Us

Today nothing is secure unless it is deliberately and physically protected. Therefore, Narendra Singh Sangwan, Manging Director of Hawk Commandos Protection Group (HCPG), dreamed in 1995 of a company which would one day be a leader in security, manpower supply and services management. In order to turn his dream into reality he immediately associated himself with this profession and started working, learning, gaining, developing and polishing the required expertise. After the toil of eight long years and with the confidence of a successful manpower services entrepreneur, he formed, launched and registered Hawk Commandos Protection Group Pvt. Ltd., as a Corporate Head Office at Dehradun, UK (India) with the Register of Companies under Companies Act 1956 on June 11, 2003.

HCPG Pvt. Ltd. is established in 1993 with a dream to become one of the biggest and most quality conscious organization in Services Management Business in India and Indian Subcontinent. HCPG started with its flagship business of Security Management has now become one of the leading and professionally managed group in Manpower and Services Management Industry. With the team of Professionals from Indian Defence Services Background and Corporate World, at key positions in the organization, HCPG inherits core values and cultures of Indian Defence in it.

HCPG, a professionally managed organization offer a range of services which provide the most cost effective security solutions for all kinds of operations and all types of organizations. The HCPG has been providing one stop solutions for any kind of security and HCPG intelligence needs to the people, be it uniformed security guards, state of art security systems or else.

The HCPG unique blend of skills, knowledge and network, always meet the expectation of its reputed clients, be it in industries, Hotels, Institutes or Individuals. Our customers have always acknowledged the efforts put in creating an atmosphere of security and comfort for them. Our personnel not only represent us, but are also the vanguard of the client’s image. This perspective has earned us the reputation as being a company whose name is synonymous with quality service. Continually providing high quality service not only strengthens our reputation but also benefits the client, thereby ensuring a long-term business relationship.

The Company needed a name matching its aspiration and hence the name-

Hawk  - Sharp eyes, sharp mind and swift action

Commandos  - Cheerful, determined, useful, courageous

Protection  - Protect the client and his/her concerns

Group  -Whole company and all of its members Protection Group work as one coherent group. HCPG has now become one of the leading and professionally managed groups/companies in manpower supply and services management. Iti core management team comprises of retired defence and corporate officials.

It is a blend of skills, knowledge and n-etwork always meeting the expectations of its rlputed clients in Govt./ private sector, industries, schools, hotels, colleges, institutions, individuals etc. HCPG provides the following services to the full satisfaction of its clients :-


1. Security (Alltype) D. Domestic Security 2. Manpower 5. Employee Verfication Services
A. Industrial Security E. Hospital Security 3. Housekeeping 6. Building Maintenance Services
B. Event Security F. Bank Security 4. Horticulture
C. Electronic Security G. Institution Security

The group is a bonafide company/agency duly registered with all of the following controlling authorities also-
1. Uttarakhand State Govt. under PSARA2005
2. Quality Management System Standard: ISO9001:2008
3. Govt. LabourDepartment
4. Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO)
5. Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)
6. Service Tax (Central Excise) under Finance Act, 1994
7. IncomeTax Actl96l (PANCARD)





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